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Jon Dobzelecki

Nutrition Coach


Health Coach Certification from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Pursuing a M.S. in Nutrition from University of Bridgeport

CrossFit Level 1 Certification

B.S. Villanova University

Jon has a long time background in management consulting and business transformation.  Growing up overweight, Jon was active and heavily involved in many different sports, but he could never figure out why the weight wasn’t coming off and he couldn’t reach a “normal size”.  After ballooning to 400 lbs in college, he decided to take matters into his own hands.  Through a structured dieting program and exercise, he dropped almost 200 lbs and became an avid marathon runner.  

Over the years, keeping the weight off took hard work and dedication both at the gym and in the kitchen.  Eventually though, life happened – stress of climbing the corporate ladder, traveling week after week for work, and just losing focus on that previous healthy lifestyle. One day in December 2016 Jon decided enough was enough and it was time to refocus, re-prioritize, and put himself and his health first again. Jon made significant lifestyle changes which required major sacrifices – saying no to a glass of champagne at a wedding, avoiding the dessert table at a holiday party, spending Friday nights going for a run or taking a spin class. Jon was able to get himself back on track and “comeback” better and stronger both mentally and physically than before. This time though something was different, Jon became motivated to use his experience and own struggle to help others live their best life and achieve their own health transformation.

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Madison Herdemian

Marketing Intern & Assistant Nutrition Coach


Pursuing Nutrition Coach Certification from Precision Nutrition

Pursuing a B.S from The University of Florida

MS Excel & Access Certified

"Madison is a senior at The University of Florida with a major in Economics and minors in Information Systems and Nonprofit Leadership. She is currently pursuing her L1 Nutrition Certification through Precision Nutrition. Throughout high school and most of college, Madison would go on and off diets, always struggling with weight and body image. It was not until the summer before her senior year of college did she decide to make some changes. After seeing the benefits of the ketogenic diet, Madison is hooked! She has lost and is continuing to lose weight. More than that, she has never felt better: more energy, better sleep habits, less stress, more confidence, etc. Madison has had fun getting creative with healthy recipes and finding ways to reach her goals while living a college lifestyle. Madison is motivated more than ever to help others with similar lifestyles and show them that it is possible to have fun and prioritize health"