CBD…. CB...Consistency

As with everything in life…. Consistency is Key…. Right?



Don’t forget, even though I’m on my way to a M.S. in Nutrition, I’m not a medical professional and you should always seek your doctors advice when trying anything new - especially if you are treating a condition.  There are absolutely doctors out there who support the use of supplements and natural treatments, I highly recommend finding them!


If you are wondering what the heck CBD is, or why I’m even writing about it, be sure to check out the first CBD blog post where I describe why I’ve once again sacrificed my body in the name of health.  


I’m quickly nearing the end of my CBD experiment, however I’m not totally convinced that I will stop using the oil daily.  I’ve noticed a number of benefits such as decrease in anxiety, better sleep and stress relief.  Check out last week’s post where I go into detail about these benefits.  After 4 weeks of taking a small dosage of 5-15 milligrams of CBD orally under my tongue every day, I’m here this week to share some of the other benefits that may not present themselves right away.  


Less pressure on my arterial and venial walls

For a good amount of my adult life, my blood pressure (BP) has been relatively high. We’re talking in the 140s/90s during times of high work stress, lack of sleep and poor nutrition.  This got the notice of my doctor who recommended I make lifestyle changes, or risk being put on hypertension medicine.  After getting my life in check, losing some weight and ramping up coping techniques, I was able to get it in the 120s/70s, which the doctor was content with. As I’ve been using CBD consistently these past few weeks my BP has come down about 5-10 points on both numbers. I do however see this more so as a treatment, and does not solve the underlying blood pressure problems - CBD is not a replacement for good nutrition, exercise and wellness habits.


As hungry as a bear…. During hibernation

Ok, maybe not that uninterested in food, but definitely notice a difference.  I do tend to follow a low carbohydrate eating style, so that has helped reduce my cravings for sugar and carbohydrates in general, but there is a difference to be noticed when taking CBD consistently.  CBD balances out hormones and can make it easier to make calm unemotional decisions about food.  If you tend to be a stress eater, this could help take a step back and assess your choices when it comes to nutrition.  CBD will not be the ultimate fix to your nutrition if you don’t surround yourself with whole food choices from sustainable sources, though.



So many ailments these days are caused by chronic inflammation.  Conditions such as leaky gut, eczema, and other conditions can be a result of this inflammation in our bodies.   Inflammation can also be caused by working out as many times in my own case.  I have noticed overall, I’m less inflamed and especially after working out, my joints are less sore. CBD activates the endocannabinoid system in the body which can help to reduce inflammation response of the body in these instances.  As with the appetite suppressing quality, first and foremost, try to address the underlying issues.  Then treatments such as CBD could be implemented with advice of your doctor.


Ultimately, as I mentioned last week and in the past, consistency is key, but also figuring out your dosage is key too.  I’d recommend starting with small doses multiple times a day until you figure out what works best for you. Lastly, don’t let me be the only one, do your own research.


I believe in the quality of these products so much, that I’ve teamed up with one of the highest quality producers of CBD.  Additionally, if you need any assistance in picking out a brand or product, feel free to shoot me a message! Kannaway - Pharmaceutical grade products with many options for consuming/ using CBD.


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About Performing Nutrition:  Jon is a certified Nutrition Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and pursuing a M.S. in Nutrition at the University of Bridgeport.  Performing Nutrition offers tailored programs for men and women of all sizes and backgrounds looking to lose fat, get stronger and become all around healthier.


Disclosure… Even though he is a certified nutrition coach and studying to be a nutritionist, opinions shared here should not be a replacement for your doctor.  Please consider using the links to purchase items to support this blog.  Performing Nutrition is a member of Amazon, Kannaway, Perfect Keto and Equip  associates and may receive a commission.



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