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So, now that we have established that Cannabidiol (CBD), a hemp derivative is legal, it’s time to ask why would anyone ever want to drop upwards of $50 to $100 on a bottle?



Before I dive in, keep in mind that I’m not a medical professional and you should always seek your doctors advice when trying anything new - especially if you are treating a condition.  There are absolutely doctors out there who support the use of supplements and natural treatments, I highly recommend finding them!


If you are wondering what the heck CBD is, or why I’m even writing about it, be sure to check out last week’s blog post where I describe why I’ve once again sacrificed my body in the name of health.  


The last two weeks, I’ve been using CBD oil every day and have noticed a number of benefits.  A few of them such as a decrease in anxiety, better sleep and stress relief were pretty immediately evident in the first few days.  Others like less soreness after working out, suppressed appetite and its effect on my blood pressure took a bit longer and some other cues to notice.  Whether you subscribe to the notion CBD actually helps or are a believe in the placebo effect, you can’t deny that it's worth giving a shot if you’re open to it.


For those who may be looking for the instant gratification of using a supplement, I’ll start with the immediate benefits I noticed:


A feeling of Zen…

I’ll be the first to admit that I have times filled with general anxiety.  Whether its work, school, or just Wednesday, sometimes it’s tough to describe that anxious feeling that is around.  I’ve found that taking CBD in the morning after my coffee and workout helps to soothe some of these feelings and give me a notion that I can conquer the day.  I do notice when it wears off and this could end up being an expensive treatment with significant use.


Puddles of drool on my Pillow…

Sleep has never come easy to me, even using over the counter aids such as NyQuil or Ibuprofen PM, which arguably are not the greatest way to catch some zzzs.  While falling asleep still takes me a while, my sleep has been much more sound. I wake up a bit clearer and more refreshed.



These past few weeks have had their share of stressful events.  From car scratches to getting a business up and running, there have been unforeseen obstacles.  In times like these, I found relief by taking a few more drops of CBD. The effect is not always immediate and can take about 30-45 minutes, but when it comes, you can almost as if the CBD is counteracting the cortisol spike that comes with stress.


Ultimately, as I mentioned in the past, consistency is key, but also figuring out your dosage is key too.  I’d recommend starting with small doses multiple times a day until you figure out what works best for you. Lastly, don’t let me be the only one, do your own research.  Next week, I’ll be back to cover the other more consistent benefits that I’ve realized.


I believe in the quality of these products so much, that I’ve teamed up with one of the highest quality producers of CBD.  Additionally, if you need any assistance in picking out a brand or product, feel free to shoot me a message! Kannaway - Pharmaceutical grade products with many options for consuming/ using CBD.


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Disclosure… Even though he is a certified nutrition coach and studying to be a nutritionist, opinions shared here should not be a replacement for your doctor.  Please consider using the links to purchase items to support this blog.  Performing Nutrition is a member of Amazon associates, Perfect Keto Associates, Kannaway Associates and Equip Foods Associates and may receive a commission.


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