Cocktails and Ketones

“I could never follow a Ketogenic eating style because I like to relax with a drink Friday night to take the edge off of the week”


To this I say… While I don’t recommend starting to drink alcohol if you abstain from it, any eating plan that makes you feel deprived may not lead to lasting results!


Week three of my Ketogenic Diet lifestyle is in the books and I’ve begun experimenting with various modifications to my original eating plan.  For the 1% who may be just catching up, be sure to check out why I’m doing this experiment, the post which recapped my first week of ups and downs and the magical effects of the keto diet from last week.  The past 7 days have felt great, and I have begun testing some modifications to my eating plan in an effort to share the results.  


The timing of a wonderful wedding celebration couldn’t have been better.  It gave me a reason to understand the effects of drinking alcohol while on a Ketogenic eating plan.  Check out the video for my thoughts below:



In addition to alcohol, I’ve been trying out Intermittent Fasting.  If you haven’t had a chance to hear my thoughts, check out the video below:



Now, I’d love to hear from you.  What are your thoughts on fitting Alcohol into a healthy eating plan?


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