99 Problems and Ketones Ain't One

The past days have been full of ups and downs, victories and defeats.  Week 1 of my experiment with the Ketogenic Diet (“Keto”) is in the books.  If you are wondering what the Keto diet is and what I’m putting my body through, check out last week’s post where I shared a video about this.


Day 1

I began this experiment on Monday, April 2nd in hopes of lasting for about a month.  The first day was exciting, filled with shopping for Keto friendly foods and learning about how my body reacted to the foods I was placing in it.  I had just completed a half marathon in California two days prior, so I sat out from my normal Crossfit workout routine and focused on moving around to reduce jet lag and stretch out my muscles.  Ending the day after consuming about 2800 calories, I was motivated to begin to see the results.  


Days 2-3

The following two days were filled with a similar amount of calories and getting back to working out.  I felt my muscular carbohydrate stores fuel Tuesday’s workout and slowly begin to deplete as I did a strength focused workout on Wednesday.  Any mental fog I had began to clear as the day went on, but I soon noticed in the evening of Day 3 a headache from the lack of carbohydrates begin to set in.  The craving for sweets and high glycemic index carbohydrates was REAL but my willpower remained strong. Sleep came easier and easier as the days went by.


Day 4

Thursday began with taking exogenous ketone supplements from a brand I trust.  This supplement is a ketone salt that is supposed to give you energy and help reduce the dreaded “Keto Flu.”  After a strenuous 30 minute Crossfit workout, I was feeling pretty good. I felt that maybe I had gotten away without experiencing the negative side effects of carbohydrate withdrawal.  As the day went on, my condition slowly deteriorated and by the time I was ready for bed, I had full on chills, hot flashes and a pounding headache. The Keto Flu had hit. After tossing and turning for hours, I resorted to taking ibuprofen to help catch some z’s.



Days 5-7

All of a sudden Friday, the Ketone test strips began saying I was in Ketosis!  Ketosis is the metabolic state that one thrives for on the Keto diet. While in Ketosis the body produces ketones to replace carbohydrates as its preferred fuel source.  The headaches, body aches and self doubt had all disappeared and I felt great. After the first week, I was down about 8 pounds and feeling the lightest I’ve felt in a while.  Enjoying some beef and cheese-shell keto-tacos doesn’t seem so bad after all, huh?


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