To Ketogenic Or Not To Ketogenic

What the Keto?

The Ketogenic way of eating is getting more and more buzz as America continues to fight against the bulge, but is this a safe way of eating?   Ketosis is a metabolic state that results from restricting carbohydrates so that the body produces Ketones to fuel itself. Although Dietary Ketosis is generally recognized as safe, the condition Ketoacidosis is a toxic state where the body becomes too acidic and can happen with uncontrolled Diabetes.


But isn't it bad for you?

The Ketogenic Diet that Dr. Atkins tried to make popular has changed over the years. The experts have learned a few things such as placing much more focus on food and fat quality.  We have also learned that fat does not make you fat, and leading doctors now know the right kinds of fat are essential to heart disease avoidance. 

Should I do it?  OK, I'm going to do it!

I’ve been asked by many clients, friends and family whether “keto is the answer for their weight and lifestyle goals.”  Starting today, I’ve decided that I would turn the microscope on myself and try keto for the next 4 weeks. Check out the video below for how I’m planning to approach keto and post any questions/thoughts you may have:

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